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At Incredible Awareness, we always customise our services to your exact and specific needs.  Therefore, in order to provide you with an appropriate quote for our services, we need to know a bit more about you.

If you’re looking for personal coaching, please use the Personal Coaching Questionnaire below.

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If you’re looking for corporate coaching for your organisation, please use the Corporate Scope of Work Questionnaire below.

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You can either type up your responses to the questions in the form fields within these Word documents and email them back to the email address contained within, or you can simply reflect on them and get back in contact via our “Contact” page” and we can cover these off in an initial conversation.

Regardless of the type/level of coaching you’re after, our first conversation will also be a “collaborative interview”, meaning that we’re interviewing each other to ensure we’re a good fit for your needs.   If for any reason, Incredible Awareness isn’t a good fit, we’ll help provide referrals to other providers where possible and appropriate to do so.